The home being offered for sale is under construction.  All marketing materials are artistic conceptions of what the completed home might look like, based on the original plans, as they existed prior to the start of construction.  Those plans have changed in some respects during the course of construction and, therefore, the marketing materials are not entire accurate.  Additional changes in design features and finishes might be made prior to completion.  The marketing materials are not to scale and are not intended to accurately depict the home or the property on which it is located.   Nothing contained in any marketing materials should be taken as a representation, warranty or agreement as to how the home or property on which it is located looks now or will look in the future, or as to any features or finishes of the home or property.  Rather, the only terms, conditions, representations, warranties and agreements binding on the seller of the home and property shall be those contained in a fully executed purchase and sale agreement.